Welcome to our professional soccer player blog! If you are an up-and-coming sensation looking to play professional soccer—no matter what nation—we hope this soccer blog can help you get better on the field!

With stories from professional players like you (or who you want to be) playing abroad and on domestic teams, our site is solely devoted to giving you a firsthand account of playing women’s soccer overseas and how you can improve your soccer game.

You can go from girls soccer—or football—to professional player in no time!

-Adri and Team P2P

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In this blog, we wanted to create one platform for pros to connect with PLAYERS, using their voice and firsthand experiences to encourage young girls to follow in their footsteps. 

Who are we?

Women supporting women. We are dedicated to celebrating and promoting women‘s football and are on a mission to make the dream of playing pro accessible and achievable to ALL girls around the world!

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