Pro2Player: Why Not Player2Pro?

Going from “Player to Pro” makes SO much more sense. So, why Pro2Player?

When you‘re thinking of all those hours of soccer training that you‘re going to be going through to make it at a professional level,  doing everything in your power to achieve the dream of all soccer dreams. 

However, what do you on the soccer field can only get you so far. Connecting a “Pro to Player” can help you with so much more–both on and off the field.

We commend you, cheer you on, and want to be with you every step of the way, helping you go from player to professional!

What we want to share with the world is what we, as past or present professional players can give back to players like you who want to know what it‘s like.

This is our opportunity to be able to reach out and help soccer players who came from our city‘s clubs, our old neighborhoods, and played on our hometown fields.

This is our opportunity to relay our experiences and maybe help one of you learn a little more from our soccer careers.

This is our opportunity to tell our story, speak up, and keep paving the pathway so that soccer players like you, from all around the world, can get a taste of what it‘s like to live like PROS like us.

This is our story.

This is our blog.

Our space.

Our field—where no one can set boundaries and rules and regulations.

This is where no one can tell us what we can and cannot do.

This is where we lift one another up, (even after we‘ve fouled them), and help each girl who clicks on and logs in to help them achieve their dreams—just as we achieved ours.

You can‘t fall in love with the game and never look back. It‘s a part of us, no matter how many years separate you now from when you were a PRO, so join in, help out, and spread the message, from Pro2Player.

Signing off,


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