3 Aspects of Your Game You Need to Work on Today!

You can watch millions of Youtube soccer videos, delve into thousands soccer workout programs or attend hundreds of soccer camps to help you be a better soccer player. But it goes deeper than that.

Every player has her (or his) strengths or weaknesses that help make them the player they are on the field today. Admitting to weaknesses and working on them to close the gap between your more marketable traits and your not-so-proud-of skillsets can help you improve your game on the soccer field.

No matter if you have been playing for one season or ten, there is always something you can improve on. Whether it‘s your passing technique with your left foot or your soccer fitness level, whether you need to work on your free kicks or your juggling, whether your the average Joe(Joanna) on the soccer field or Christine Sinclair, there‘s always room to approve. NO player has actually reached a “perfect” level—because there is none. 

That is what makes soccer the beautiful game–it‘s anyone‘s game.

Goliath can beat David–but David can also embarrass the **** out of Goliath.

In the meantime, while you‘re training, here are three aspects of your game that you should work on today:

1. Technique: 

Whether it‘s shooting, dribbling, trapping or passing, you can always work on your technique to make your footwork (and other parts of your body) technically sound. You should be able to collect, control, and move the ball with both feet at various different speeds. 

The Golden Touch Soccer Ball, featured below, is a weighted, affordable soccer practice tool that can help you improve all aspects of your game!

2. Tactical: 

Have ever heard that watching soccer makes you a better player?

Well, whoever said that was right.

Being tactically aware while you‘re playing the game will help you have more composure on the ball and make better decisions while you play. Watching soccer can help you increase your “soccer I.Q.” .

You should have a high level of spatial awareness and risk assessment, which will help you read the game and make the best decision you can during any moment on the field.

3. Athleticism: 

There‘s no getting around it: to reach the top level in soccer, you need to be physically fit.

Whether you need to work on your agility, coordination, balance, strength, power, speed or fitness, (or all seven aspects at once), focusing on your athletic ability will make you a better, more well-rounded soccer player at the end of the day.

Dream big, train hard, and never give up,


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