Up Your Game with the Best Soccer Tracker for Your Fitness

As tech moguls behind the scenes of soccer make the game more and more technologically sound, you can easily access high-tech tools to help you up your game, too.

Shifting a free-flowing game into a statistic-driven sport, these soccer trackers can help you keep track of your progress with field location, tracking, and speed measurements, among so many other extensive features.

Upgrade Your Soccer Game:

There are so many different fitness soccer trackers on the market. To make sure you‘re choosing the right one for you and your game, make sure these features are included:

-A GPS Tracker: Designed to track your movement, this can help you keep tabs of where you are on the field and where you need to be next time. It also can keep track of your heart rate and distance run. This is normally worn like a sports bra on the chest.

-An Insole Tracker: Don‘t like the idea of wearing two sports bras? You can slip a tracker right into your shoe. Not only do these types of trackers gage your game statistics, but they can also help dictate which parts of the foot you use when you play.

Now, let‘s get to why you‘re here:

Boost Your Stats: Here is our take on the best soccer trackers on the market:

1. STATSports APEX Athlete Series : Designed to give you or your coach both individual and team feedback, this monitor can live-stream stats in real time through their paired app.  

2. Catapult Playr: This player-centered, FIFA-approved GPS tracker is a wearable device that combines the utility of a vest, tracker, and an app to help you analyze and improve your game.

You can see real numbers dictating speed, sprint, distance, power, and intensity, as well as where you are on the field. What sets this one apart from the others is its high-tech and futuristic use of heat maps to measure your positioning on the field. It also accumulates all your data to help you track your improvements throughout the season.

3. Zepp Play: With the use of the Zepp Play sensor, you can view your current stats from your smartphone–from your power on the field behind your kicks, your sprinting speed, running distance, maximum speed, and so much more.

What makes this tracker unique is that there is also a video highlight feature and game timeline that can be used to help send to scouts! This soccer tracker is worn within your shinguard sleeve and can be used up to 40 hours without having to recharge.

No matter your budget, you should consider investing in the ultimate soccer tracker to help you not only see your performance today but also progress toward the player you can become tomorrow.

Always keep improving,


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